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Meme Time =)

You can learn a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod or mp3 player and write down the first 20 songs. No cheating or skipping songs that are shameful. That is the fun!

  1. The Crown And The Ring          - Manowar        (on Gods Of War - Live)
  2. Svampfest                       - Finntroll      (on Midnattens Widunder)
  3. The Bird-Serpent War            - Symphony X     (on Live On The Edge Of Forever)
  4. Run For a Fall                  - Epica          (on The Phantom Agony)
  5. "Forever" of the Stars          - Ayreon         (on Into The Electric Castle)
  6. Victoria's Secret               - Sonata Arctica (on Winterheart's Guild)
  7. Sweating Bullets (Anxiety Edit) - Megadeth       (on Sweating Bullets (UK Single))
  8. Out Of The Ashes                - Symphony X     (on The Divine Wings Of Tragedy)
  9. Metal Warriors                  - Manowar        (on The Absolute Power)
  10. Hell Was Made In Heaven         - Helloween      (on Rabbit Don't Come Easy)
  11. Crush 'em                       - Megadeth       (on Capitol Punishment:The Megadeth Years)
  12. Peace Sells                     - Megadeth       (on Peace Sells... But Who's Buying ?)
  13. William's Tale                  - Manowar        (on Battle Hymns)
  14. Black Wind Fire And Steel       - Manowar        (on The Absolute Power)
  15. Frozen                          - Brainstorm     (on Downburst)
  16. The Age of Mystic Ice           - Luca Turilli   (on Prophet Of The Last Eclipse)
  17. Sweating Bullets                - Megadeth       (on Megabox : The Singles Collection)
  18. The Carpenter                   - Nightwish      (on Angels Fall First)
  19. Unholy Wars                     - Angra          (on Rebirth)
  20. Gears Of War                    - Megadeth       (on United Abominations)

Tags: meme, music

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